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Trekking Safari Tanzania

Trekking in Tanzania – The Amazing Way to a Perfect Vacation after a long lockdown.

We have been separated from Nature when Covid 19 striked the world.  Our life has changed completely and other people have been thinking about Africa if it will be a safe place to visit. We can assure you that, Tanzania is one of the safest destination in the world.

Betheli Expedition team have come up with an option for our esteemed customer who would like to explore our beautiful park while spending their time in places with few tourists.

Tanzania is a place known for natural life sanctuaries, rainforests, and the best trekking and climbing trails in Africa. Tanzania offers short climbs and long treks through volcanoes, craters, and high plateaus dependent on one's ability. To put it plainly, there is something for everybody who fantasies about trekking safari in Tanzania. Here is a rundown of some trekking trails one can experience before jumping on an adventurous vacation. 

The best path for trekking In Tanzania 

Trekking along the Ngorongoro Conservation Park organized by Betheli Expedition offers an ideal chance to see the untamed life, for example, giraffes, colobus monkeys, mandrills, elephants, and impalas. Let us have a look at what is trekking safari in Tanzania along the Ngorongoro Conservation Park.

Trekking in Ngorongoro Conservation Area  to Olmoti  Crater

Despite the fact that the greater part of the trekking in Tanzania is up the mountains, Ngorongoro Crater Highlands are more shallow fully open bases up the volcano. This protected region has the most noteworthy thickness of untamed life in Africa. One frequently runs into gazelles, gnus, black rhinos,  elephants, lions, panthers, and  Mankind "The Maasai tribe. Olmoti Crater hike is a short trek to its edge that takes around 40 minutes to rise. The climb begins from the Nainokanoka town at the shoulder of the antiquated caldera. It is a wonderful move past the Munge cascades to the pit and the view from that point is uncommon.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Empakai Crater 

Arranged further in the preservation region, the Empakai trek offers the perspective on zebras, impalas, and flamingos en route. It is a long hike to the Embulbul depression but full of fun and adventure where the most wonderful lake can be found. It is about an hour climb up to the 2743 meters high Crater's edge and takes about 30 minutes to slide the precarious slants.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Ol Doinyo Lengai

It is a functioning volcano and regularly alluded to as the 'Mountain of God' by local people "The Maasai". The path up the volcano is very steep with sand and free rocks. This trekking safari in Tanzania offers a dazzling perspective on Lake Natron. Make a point to wear legitimate trekking shoes and convey a trekking post, despite the fact that the last isn't compulsory.



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