We are committed to environmental conservation, we have teamed up with Green Trust Foundation the nonprofit organization, which has been established in 2004 by a dedicated family of mama Gladness Pallagyo, which lives on the slope of Mount Meru 13.6Kilometers from Arusha town.

Betheli Expedition and the Green Trust Foundation striving to conserve the environment through tree planting; providing valuable work-life skills to women’s groups; and continuing to assist local economies and to promote a wider understanding of the threats facing rural communities.

Betheli expedition is aiming to make life better for those who have less fortune in their normal living. With the little, we earn from our safari bookings, we will contribute to the organizations to support the environmental conservation campaign, we are planning to introduce some mechanism on how to support the local community development projects. We are eager to welcome you to join us in this campaign, you can share your ideas, skills, experience on what can be done. Below are some of the programs that could be done.

Tree planting projects with women’s groups
Teaching in nursery and primary schools
Caring for children at Orphan Centres
Providing labor to community development projects
Assisting local communities in starting their own cultural tourism

By participating in our programs, volunteers provide the essential funding needed for new project resources, vocational training facilities as well as the invaluable manpower for our outreach programs in the region.


Tree planting project

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Tree planting project
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